The Power of the Digital Oilfield Marketplace Optimizes the Process for Buyers and Sellers


Artificial Intelligence.

Internet of Things.

Digital revolution.

The Cloud.

Everywhere you look these phrases verify that the oilfield is catching up to the rest of the world in automation, digitization and cloud computing. There are conferences dedicated to oilfield digitization, and it’s addressed at conferences with other topics because the digital revolution creates greater efficiencies in every aspect of the industry.

Oil companies have trailed other industries in digitization due to the cycle of booms (we’re too busy) and busts (we’re too broke). Today’s economics are forcing the oil patch to digitize for efficiencies needed to improve cash flow and become more competitive.

Many large vendors have created their own online sales sites, which is a step forward but it’s still limited to one vendor. As long as you only want to buy from company XYZ, that’s fine.

But most people want the flexibility to compare prices, products and availability to meet their changing priorities: sometimes it’s saving budget, sometimes it’s speed-based so the purchase goes to whoever has it in stock or whoever has it in stock in a certain location.

This is where Trunkline comes in. It’s a digital sales platform tailored for the oilfield. One platform connects buyers and sellers in order to allow procurement professionals to quickly explore parts and equipment before ordering—and to simplify recurring orders.

It makes sales professionals much more efficient by removing the need for creating multiple bids to make one sale—all the information the buyer needs is there at a click.

 For Buyers

In a nutshell, Trunkline has been called an ‘Amazon for the Oil Patch.’ You can browse product and pricing information 24/7—no more working late but having to wait for business hours to get that information.

It saves 20-30 percent of time in the procurement process and cuts 10-15 percent off project costs. You can keep buying from your trusted vendors, and you can also compare products and prices to explore better options.

Trunkline tracks transaction and order history by vendor, customer, wellsite, project or any of a number of filters; it provides real-time spending data by department or corporately; data is downloadable for analysis and forecasting; and it lets you visualize procurement patterns.

For Sellers

With all products listed with price, product specifications and availability, there’s no more need to spend hours on a bid for someone who’s only window shopping. Salespeople become much more efficient, spending less time on bids and more time actually making sales.

There are fewer after-hours panic calls from clients—they can order directly from the website.

Vendors can track sales by item, client, project, location or any of a number of filters, much like the ones for buyers.

Trunkline has digitized oilfield commerce, connecting buyers and sellers in an always-available marketplace where quick decisions based on at-a-click information are the way of life. Everyone involved becomes more efficient, boosting their bottom line in the process.

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