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Trunkline is revolutionizing oilfield procurement. We are bringing buyers and sellers from all different basins to one online platform. Trunkline streamlines the traditional call, quote, compare, purchase workflow.

reach more customers

Get exposure to the global oil and gas industry audience. Leverage the power of eCommerce to get your products in front of more industry buyers than ever before.

streamline your workflow

Access orders, deliveries, customer feedback, and sales metrics in real time. Monitor transactions from beginning to end. Reduce human error and administrative tasks in your sales team.

make more money
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*Currently accepting North American vendors only.

how it works

Sign Up as a Trunkline Vendor

Trunkline vendors to get access to a full e-commerce store with an intuitive vendor dashboard for easy management. Vendors can create product, rental or service listings from the dashboard, view sales analytics, communicate with customers and manage orders and inventory.

Post Your Products, Rentals, Services, or Subscriptions

Vendors can post products for sale or for rent. Reoccruing service subscriptions and service listings can also be created.

Post each item you want to sell on your Trunkline store with these details:

  1. Photo
  2. Price
  3. Description
  4. Delivery Estimate
  5. Any other information that might be relevant to your customers
Receive Orders from Customers

Customers can browse your products on the Trunkline Marketplace and purchase the ones they need using a credit card, PayPal, or a bank transfer directly to you.


Once you receive a notification from us that an order for your products has been placed, ship the appropriate order to the customer’s address.

Collect Your Earnings

Within your Trunkline Store you can withdraw your earnings at any time after you make a sale. We charge a 2% transaction fee for all purchases.

Become a Vendor*

*Currently accepting North American vendors only.

partnership pricing

Vendors will select a monthly membership upon registering. Outside of the membership fee Trunkline charges a 2% transaction fee on each product you sell through the Trunkline Marketplace. This fee covers:

  • Displaying your products in the marketplace
  • Facilitating the shopping process for your customers
  • Handling payments and orders
  • Organizing and storing transaction histories for you and your customers
Become a Vendor*

*Currently accepting North American vendors only.

frequently asked questions

What is Trunkline?

Trunkline is an online marketplace for oilfield supplies, products, and equipment from vendors across the industry designed to streamline procurement for customers.

Should I sell my products on Trunkline?

We believe our industry can get more work done in less time by engaging with online technology. By allowing your customers to shop online you are saving them time and money. Trunkline helps you reach more customers, reinforce your brand reputation online, and streamline your order process.

What type of products can be sold on Trunkline?

Any product, rental, or service with applicability in the oil and gas industry can be sold on our marketplace.

How much does it cost?

We have multiple membership options with a low monthly rate to choose from based on your needs. For each product you sell on the Trunkline marketplace we also charge a 2% transaction fee.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is fast and free! Click the button below to get a free vendor account and to begin customizing your store profile and product offerings.

How does a customer make a purchase?

Customers can browse and select products from our marketplace page and put them in their “cart.” When a customer checks out, he or she can pay you with a credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or PO/WO/AFE Number.

How do I receive orders?

Once a customer places an order for one or more of your products, our system will automatically send you an email with all of the details of the order including product names, customer information, delivery address, and payment method.

Become a Vendor*

*Currently accepting North American vendors only.