CTJ E-60 Vapor Recovery Unit 10 HP

CTJ E-60 Series Vapor Recovery Unit

(10 HP) Electric Driven Screw
Compressor Package with the Following Major Components:

·       Driver –                 High speed Class 1 Div 2 215TS frame.

·       Compressor –       EVO2-Gas screw compressor frame, designed for gas service, direct drive-

                                   no gear box.

·       Control Unit –       10 HP Fuji VFD with Unitronics based PLC, includes .5 HP Fuji
cooler VFD.

·       Skid Base –           4’ X 8’ heavy duty oilfield style with Environmental rail
and spill containment

Capacity:          Based on standard conditions, typical VRU gas.

10-45 MSCFD
@ 70-125 PSIG….

10-55 MSCFD
@ 70-125 PSIG….
VRT application            


Standard units provided with the following components
and general configuration:

1.       10” x 4’ (10-15HP), 14” x 5’ (30-60HP), 20” x 6’ (75-125HP) Inlet scrubber with heavy duty condensate

2.       Class 1 Div. 2 compliant electrical
components (requires remote mounting of panel).

3.       Heavy Duty skid base with 150% spill
containment, environmental rail, oilfield style lifting bars and forklift slots.

4.       Variable speed control with a high turndown
rate for maximum efficiency at reduced flow rates.

5.       Kimray OPR 2.5 Pneumatic control valve
provided for gas recycle capability (30 HP and above).

6.       Variable speed cooling for temp control in
all weather conditions (controls condensate, freeze-offs).

7.       Pressure circuits protected by normal
shutdown settings and relief valves.

8.       Normal, open skid layout provides easy access
to service points and componentry.

9.       Common, industry accepted componentry…no
custom, exclusive or “proprietary” parts are used.

10.   Standard primer base with customer required color
and application method of industrial grade enamel.  

11.    Simple, Operator friendly Controls with
necessary speed variation for compressor-cooling package, unit protection, and
data logging with SCADA capability, mounted in a NEMA 3R enclosure.

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