PCG Degreaser Solutions

Wholesale distributor of degreasers manufactured in Odessa, Tx.

Preserving the asset value of a company's equipment, while less corrosive, saving time and money with man-hours significantly reduced.

Non-hazardous, water-based.

Website: www.pcgcfo.com
Sales Contact Name: Rusty Parker
Sales Phone Number: 432-209-8078
Sales Email: rusty.parker@pcgcfo.com
Link to Video(s): "C:\Users\rusty\Pictures\DEGREASER\PowerWash video.mp4", "C:\Users\rusty\Pictures\DEGREASER\Video tire.mp4", "C:\Users\rusty\Pictures\DEGREASER\1 Gal HNH in 2 min Asphalt truck.mp4"

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