Trunkline Founders Speak with The Crude Life about Oilfield Technology

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Amber Voithofer, P.E. and Joseph Chrasta describe how works and how customers and vendors in the oil and gas industry are using it. Voithofer gives a step-by-step process overview of how a vendors and end users would experience using Chrasta shares his background in oil and gas and how it evolved into […]

Vendor Sourcing Online

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There is a real need for a powerful tool to help oil and gas companies find, evaluate and connect with one another more easily. Traditionally, operators and vendors have relied heavily on word-of-mouth to find each other, but this method of discovery is limited and unreliable. Sourcing vendors through referrals only recycles the vendors within a particular network and does not guarantee that an acceptable vendor will be found for a given project.

Pumps in Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas Production

In connection with upstream and midstream oil and gas production, pumps perform a large variety of services enabling the gathering and processing of hydrocarbons and their derivates for the benefit of industrial users and consumers. These pumps are traditionally divided into two categories or principles: hydrodynamic and positive displacement pumps.

Screw Pumps for Asphalt in Tank Terminals and Pipelines

One of the more used and traded commodities in the world is asphalt and related varieties of asphalt. Going all the way back in time to the tar pits used by the Athabasca Indians in Canada to seal their canoes, the asphalt under different names and appearances has wide use in infrastructure and industrial applications.