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How it works

About TrunklineElite™

TrunklineElite™ is an exclusive certification given to members of the Trunkline community for showcasing their project track record in the energy industry.

Certification Levels

Members who showcase their project track record on Trunkline receive status by reaching the following milestones:

  • Bronze Status (0-24 Projects)
  • Silver Status (25+ Projects)
  • Gold Status (50+ Projects)
  • Platinum Status (75+ Projects)
  • Diamond Status (100+ Projects)

Certification Fee

Trunkline charges a flat annual fee of $1,200 for certification in the TrunklineElite™ program. There are no fee increases associated with each status level, and each TrunklineElite™ member is included in the monthly TrunklineElite™ vendor list.

Selection Criteria

All TrunklineElite™ members must have good standing on Trunkline:

  • Compliance with Trunkline's Terms of Service
  • Verified company address in the United States
  • Adherence to Trunkline's posting requirements

Posting Requirements

To qualify for each TrunklineElite™ status level, members must adhere to these requirements:

  • All project posts must have a photo
  • Photos must not have logos on them
  • Photos must not have text on them

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