Nathan Hammer

Small business and trades built this country. It's our responsibility to keep it that way.

Nathan is the Co-founder of Trunkline, Inc. in Midland, TX and Vice President Environment, Quality, and Technologies at Premier Safety Resources in Cushing, OK, Baytown, TX, and Midland, TX. He is an experienced entrepreneur and problem-solver focused on optimizing complex and heavily-regulated industries through innovative process improvements and technology-driven solutions. Nathan seamlessly blends his 16 years of hands-on experience in field services, construction, operations, maintenance, technology, and environmental & safety compliance (USEPA, CISA, PHMSA, DOT, OSHA) across diverse sectors in 29 states:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Nitrogenous Fertilizer Processing Facilities (Anhydrous Ammonia, Nitric Acid, Urea, UAN, and AN)
  • Upstream, Midstream, & Downstream Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas, and Renewables Power Generation
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing

His diverse track record, spanning Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies across a wide range of locations (Houston, TX, Baytown, TX, Midland, TX, Silicon Valley, CA, and Cushing, OK), grants him a distinct edge in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within these industries.

Now, minus the fancy talk - Nathan is a strong believer of the blue collar workforce and small businesses, and will fight for you while providing affordable business solutions.

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