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Helping you protect your people, community, the environment, and your assets.

Veteran and Native American Owned and Operated serving Cushing and Baytown through our corporate office and training centers.

Who We Are

At Premier Safety Resources (PSR), we blend hands-on experience with a foundation of integrity. Our team comprises industry-hardened professionals who have been in the trenches - literally. We’re more than just academically qualified; we’re practitioners who have turned wrenches and navigated the complexities of industrial fields.

Our Expertise: Safety and Compliance Solutions

PSR stands at the forefront of pipeline Operator Qualification (OQ) and Environmental Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) consulting and training. Our approach demystifies complex regulatory landscapes, offering clarity and actionable solutions. We're committed to honesty - no hidden agendas, no unnecessary services.

Comprehensive Services for Industry Excellence

Pipeline Safety & OQ Certifications: Navigating the intricate world of pipeline safety regulations with tailor-made certification programs.

Environmental Consulting: Specializing in environmental site assessments, SPCC Plans, SWP3 (construction and industrial), Tier 2, Form A/R, waste management, and remediation projects. We turn environmental compliance into an achievable goal.

Safety Consulting & Auditing: Our safety services extend beyond compliance - we offer comprehensive training, coaching, and auditing to foster a culture of safety.

Workforce Development: Empowering teams through skill enhancement and professional growth.

API Inspector Services: Quality assurance through certified API inspectors, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Advanced Drone Services: Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology for inspections, surveying, and data collection.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to elevate small businesses and field service companies, sharing our knowledge and expertise for their success. Simple, straightforward, and sincere - that's the PSR promise.

Our Expanding Presence

Headquartered in Cushing, Oklahoma - the pipeline crossroads of the world - PSR's reach extends across the nation with a strategic presence in Baytown, Texas, through our satellite office and training center. In 2024, we're excited to further expand our footprint with a permanent presence in Midland, offering even more accessibility to our comprehensive services.

Visit Us

Whether at our headquarters in Cushing, our Baytown office, or the upcoming Midland center, we value face-to-face interactions. A handshake and a cup of coffee mark the beginning of lasting professional relationships at PSR.


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